Find Your Joy

What brings you the most joy? Although you are interconnected to the Universe and subsequently to all living things, you are nonetheless a unique and very special individual. There is no other person like you on this entire planet of more than seven billion people!  And one of the very best ways to celebrate your uniqueness and individuality is to seek out that which brings you the most joy.

Joy can be defined in many different ways. It can be experienced as an act of doing something you love such walking down the beach, skiing down a snow-capped mountain or expressing yourself creatively. It can be experienced while spending time with your loved ones; playing with your children, holding hands with your partner or just enjoying another’s company. Joy can also be found in the act of giving;, while being in service and providing help and assistance to those in need.

Often we feel that we’re not in control of our joy or our emotions in general. We assume that our emotions are a reaction to external situations which are out of our control and thus our emotions are equally out of our control. However as co-creators of our own reality, it is important to acknowledge that we choose our emotions by choosing how we react to external stimuli. We can choose to experience joy, love and contentment regardless of our external circumstances. We can choose to be grateful for this day, and to be alive and present in this moment.

In its simplest form, joy can be experienced in the present moment. When you quiet the incessant and analytical chatter which runs through your mind day in and day out and you let go of your focus on past regrets and release your worry for the future, you make a conscious choice to be truly here, now. You can make a conscious choice to focus on your breath; to feel the warm spring breeze on your skin and smell the blooming flowers and foliage that are all around you. Embrace the perfection that is this very moment. This present moment is where all is well and is the fundamental source of joy.

Joy can also be found by aligning yourself with the flow of the Universe. Positive Psychology defines Flow as “the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment”. Think back to a time when you were so absorbed in what you were doing that you lost all track of time and any worries or concerns that normally dominate your head-space seemed to drift away. What were you doing that had you so happily preoccupied? Were you playing with your children? Spending time outdoors? Were you enjoying the sunrise with your favourite cup of coffee? Only you will know the answer.

Find your joy! It is your responsibility and no one else’s to discover what makes you the absolute happiest. You must find your joy and revel in it so that you may be your very best self.  Do what you love and celebrate the perfection of who you are. What resonates with you? What places you in the flow? Celebrate your uniqueness. Find your joy.


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