Reminders for an Old Soul

As an old Soul, you don’t wonder if you have a soul. You know that you are a soul who has a body. You came here with a purpose to be temporarily local in this physical world. And one day in the not too distant future, you will leave your body behind along with the jungles of time and space (thank you, Mike Dooley) and return to the non-physical.

There are days however the stresses of daily life draw you into the physical world, hypnotizing the mind and body to interpret the illusions of reality as stress and chaos.

As an old Soul you are timeless and eternal, gracious and joyful and you are in this world but not of it. Over many lifetimes you have learned countless lessons to become who you are today. You are here now in this very moment to expand and grow even further than ever before.

Reminders for an Old Soul:

  • You came here with a purpose. When you chose this body to live in this lifetime, you came here with a specific spiritual purpose. You knew before entering this body that there would be risks involved; you would love and simultaneously you would experience loss and heartbreak.Β  You knew you must embrace the ebb and flow of life, yet it was the vast breadth of experiences, the peaks and valleys, that would make coming forth into this physical body so very rewarding.
  • Young souls will meet you on your path. Some of the young souls you meet along your way will be inspired by you and the knowledge you choose to share. It will awaken a part of them inside, causing them to remember something deep within themselves that they hadn’t realized they had forgotten. Other young souls will meet you on your path and will cause you discontent. Driven by fear, resistance or a misguided agenda, they will intentionally block your path. You must remember to feel compassion and understanding for these young souls as they have only forgotten their true spiritual nature.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes the daily grind can get under your skin which your human mind will interpret as stress. However as a spiritual being having a human experience, you must remind yourself of who you really are. At your truest nature, you inherently know that you are here to love and experience joy. You did not come here to get lost in the jungles of time and space. You came here to act out your part in your own personal movie, starring as yourself as your co-create your best possible life. Carrying out the most exciting adventures, experiencing the love and support of family and meeting lifelong friends along the way, you came forth to enjoy absolutely everything this beautiful life has to offer. You came here to have fun and experience joy

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed by daily living, take a moment to reflect on who you really are. Then, laugh and smile and be grateful for this experience.


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